Billion dollar company launches new service at

Virtual events company Hopin may be just a couple of years old, but it has received some significant attention from consumers and venture capitalists alike. Now it is preparing to launch a new service at an ultra-premium domain.

The London-based startup thrived during the COVID pandemic as its virtual events technology helped conferences replace in-person meetups.

Hopin has attracted more than 100,000 clients including NATO and American Express. That consumer interest has translated into venture funding, with Hopin raising $1 billion since launching in 2019. It Series D funding round in mid-2021 valued the company at $7.75 billion.

Now, the company looks to be expanding its product offering, by quietly launching Session, dubbed as “a meeting that feels like a live event.”

For its new brand, Hopin has acquired

The domain previously belonged to Brent Oxley, who only held the name for a matter of months before selling it to Hopin for an undisclosed fee. The transfer looks to have happened in October 2021. Before selling, Oxley had listed the name for sale on his Efty marketplace.

Little is known about Session at the moment, but Hopin has chosen the perfect domain to launch its new product.

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