Fixer Paid “Around $100,000” for

Grubhub co-founder Mike Evans launched a handyman and home repair business in 2017 called Fixer. The company, which has raised $5 million in funding to date, secured a key digital asset,

Thanks to a podcast, we now know how much was purchased for.

On a recent episode of Startup Stories, a podcast series from Mixergy, host Andrew Warner interviewed Evans about his startup and his life after leading Grubhub from a small startup to a publicly-traded company.

Around 32:30 into the podcast, Warner asks Evans “how much did it cost you to get as a domain?”

Evans replied, “It was, like, $100,000.”

The conversation quickly moves onto the Fixer brand name itself. Interestingly, Evans chose to name his company Fixer rather than Handyman, thanks to the gender-neutral nature of Fixer. “We pick that name on purpose, cause it’s not gendered, right? It’s not handyman. It’s like Fixer could be a man or a woman or a non-binary person.” is indeed a superb asset to acquire and fits the business well.

According to DomainIQ’s Whois history, Evans acquired around March 2017, a couple of months before Fixer launched for business. Prior to this, was registered to Internet Real Estate Ltd.

Since launching on, Fixer has raised $5 million in funding and has thrived across multiple US cities. The domain is also prominently placed on Fixer merchandise that fixers wear on the job.

Thanks to Mike Cyger of DNAcademy for the tip.

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