a New Email Service “For the World”, one of the most iconic domain names on the Internet, rightly receives significant attention. SimilarWeb conservatively suggests the domain pulls in around 230,000 visitors a month with 87% being type-in-traffic.

In 2021, the domain was put up for sale with a starting bid of $35 million in a private auction event spearheaded by Stevan Lieberman, managing attorney at Greenberg & Lieberman. A year on from this, a new site has appeared on the domain.

According to‘s landing page, you will soon be able to begin using an “” email address, with the landing page promoting privacy and security as priorities for the platform. suggests that the new site went live in February.

In an email to me, Stevan Lieberman said that he cannot disclose “the terms of the current license but we are still engaging in discussions pertaining to the sale of the domain outright.”

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