Interview: Yogi Solanki Transitions to Buyer Brokerage – Reveals 2 Recent Domain Deals

Yogi Solanki entered the domain name industry in 2020 and made a name for himself by selling $25,000 worth of domains via outbound sales. This early success led to him creating a popular ebook called “Domain Outbound Marketing,” documenting Solanki’s outbound sales secrets.

Now, Yogi Solanki has pivoted from selling domains to helping companies buy domains. Here, I chat with him about his buyer brokerage venture. Solanki also reveals two of his latest domain deals.


Can you give us an overview of your journey within the domain industry for those who don’t know?

I started buying/selling domains in the price range of $100-$500 in March 2020 after watching DNAcademy YouTube videos, and I decided to give it a shot by going full time, and just like any business, one needs a cash flow to survive.

I was on a limited budget, so buying thousands of domains to create a constant sales flow via inbound was out of the picture; I decided to sell domains by doing outbound. I bought a bunch of domains in my niche that I have experience with and flipped them pretty quickly, which boosted my confidence and gave me the belief that this is doable.

I constantly kept repeating the same process for months with some tuning here and there and made good enough money in my first year. Also, I have 10+ years of sales experience, which also gave me a cushion.

I have been in this industry for two years, and this industry has given me a lot, so no complaints so far.


You’ve had some success with outbound sales. Why have you switched to concentrating on buyer brokerage?

Honestly, I had no plan to become a domain broker or buyer broker, it’s just happened. I think in early 2021, I was approached by Donuts to broker some of their nTLD domains, and I decided to give it a shot.

I did get some good traction and luckily for me, I was able to sell for $22,500. That’s when I thought, okay, becoming a domain broker can be a good option, and then after a couple of weeks, a big opportunity comes knocking on my door in the form of, one of the top domain brokerages, wanted me to be a part of their team. I had an interview with Amanda and Jeff and got selected, and I consider myself very lucky that I got a chance to work closely with pioneers of the domain industry. I worked with them for 6-7 months and learned a lot.

I can openly say joining gave me direction, and they made me the domain broker I am, especially Jeff. I can’t thank him enough.


When did you begin transitioning to concentrate more on buyer brokerage?

When I was with, I came across how domain acquisitions work. I knew a bit about domain acquisitions, but I never gave it a try. As I mentioned, the team guided me well, and being in a team of excellent brokers like Brooke, Rob, Kris, Paul gave me a good perspective of how it works.

That eventually built my interest in becoming a buyer broker. I was able to close a few acquisitions with them, and that’s when my love interest in acquisition started increasing.

Since January 2022, I have done little over $300,00 in domains sales, and last week I closed my first six-figure acquisition deal. Working on such deals is a grind, but it also has a lot of exciting challenges, and overcoming these challenges is what excites me.


I believe that you recently closed two acquisition deals that you can disclose. Can you tell us about the first one?

Sure, This week, I completed two acquisitions deals. The first one is, acquired by my client, Gimi. They were using so this is an excellent upgrade for them.

I’ve been working on it since November 2021 and have faced many twists, turns, and obstacles, but I’m glad three months of hard work finally paid off. The deal closed via Escrow in a five-figure price range—Win-Win for everyone.


And can you tell us about the second one?

The second deal I closed was the acquisition of acquired by my client, a banking startup based in Mexico.

I will not be able to disclose the price range on this one, but this was a smooth ride compared to Gimi, and this deal also closed via


Do you still work on outbound domain sales?

No, I don’t. Right now, my entire focus is on buyer brokerage.


Since you recently entered the domain industry, is there any advice you can give to brand new domain investors looking to make their way in the industry?

Don’t get disheartened that all the good domains are taken. There are a lot of opportunities out there. I highly recommend starting with your niche in which you have the knowledge and experience and price your domains to sell, not to get rich overnight. If done correctly, domains can change your life.

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