Buyer Revealed – Yes, it’s Crypto

Generic animal domains are versatile enough to be used in various industries. is used by a data security company, hosts an insurance company, and is owned by a former pro golfer.

Versatility means that when a premium animal domain sells, it can leave you guessing as to who bought it.

In November 2021, domain broker Joe Uddeme revealed that he had facilitated the sale of, a domain name that had been in the hands of MonkeyMedia for many years.

Until recently, has been dormant, sat in a privacy-protected GoDaddy account. Now, the domain resolves and it’s hosting a cryptocurrency project.

The buyer looks to be Hotcoin Global, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Australia. Currently, Hotcoin operates at but as of publishing, hosts an almost carbon-copy of’s website.

Could a rebrand be on the way?


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