Picnic Moves from Picnic.com to PicnicLabs.io

I write quite frequently about domain name upgrades, but here’s a domain downgrade.

Australian insurance company Picnic acquired the Picnic.com domain name for an undisclosed fee between late 2018 and early 2019. With a strapline of “insurance with a heart,” the company used Picnic.com to offer insurance products to its customers.

Recently, though, Picnic has switched from Picnic.com to PicnicLabs.io. At the time of writing, visitors to Picnic.com were greeted with the following message:

Picnic Labs provides servicing and operations to our B2B Mutuals. To reflect this, our new domain name is: PicnicLabs.io

Whether a pivot in direction or a need for extra funding, Picnic is ditching Picnic.com. I suspect that the domain will be sold to another brand, since Picnic.com is currently listed for sale with VIP Brokerage, a specialist domain brokerage service that has previously sold names such as Tax.com, Christmas.com, and California.com.

Picnic.com has a minimum offer value of $500,000.

If Picnic is divesting Picnic.com, there are plenty of potential suitors. Dutch tech company Picnic, using Picnic.app, has raised $1.1 billion in funding. Then there’s the US-based robotic food system developer Picnic that uses HelloPicnic.com, which has raised $38.4 million in funding.

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  1. Yea don’t worry about getting piciniclabs.com or confusing that company with your .io. I bet they will love that free business LOL


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