Root Insurance Does a Big Upgrade to

Despite laying off 330 staff in January, insurance company Root has completed a big domain upgrade.

Founded in 2015, Root is an insurtech firm offering car insurance to a vast majority of the United States. With perks like free Lyft credits, the app-based business has become incredibly popular, raising more than $500 million before going public in October 2020.

At its IPO, Root was valued at $6.7 billion and raised $724.4 million from that public offering. There was a key digital asset missing for Root, though, and that was

Up until now, Root has operated on, but almost 18 months after its IPO, Root has secured

Last week, I noticed that changed to pendingTransfer status, meaning that it was about to move registrars. The company using at the time had also switched domains from to

Today, landed at GoDaddy and began forwarding to Since this is a new acquisition for the company, it’s likely that will forward to for some time until Root’s infrastructure transitions over to the new domain.

Root isn’t the first publicly-traded insurtech company to upgrade its domain. In 2019, Hippo upgraded from to for $3.3 million.



Thanks to Jamie Zoch for helping confirm this move.

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