Tucows Paid a Net Purchase Price of $2.5 million for UNR’s Registry Business

In October 2021, domain registrar Tucows announced that it purchased UNR Corp’s registry platform service. The deal to buy UNR’s technology also included the addition of 10 UNR staff to Tucows’ payroll.

UNR was one of the last pieces of Frank Schilling’s domain investment empire to be divested, following the sale of 23 of UNR’s TLDs, which grossed more than $40 million in 2021. GoDaddy acquired Schilling’s Uniregistry registrar, marketplace, and portfolio a year before.

At the time of Tucows’ acquisition of UNR’s registry platform, few details were available other than those provided in a Tucows press release. An SEC filing submitted this week has added more information to this story.

The filing reveals that “the purchase price was $3.0 million, less a purchase price adjustment of approximately $0.5 million relating to a working capital deficit, for net purchase consideration of $2.5 million.”

Tucows also reveals that it has recognized revenue of around $200,000 relating to the UNR acquisition since October 1, 2021.

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