5 Recent Purchases from Brent Oxley: Seafood.com, and More

Hosting entrepreneur and digital asset investor Brent Oxley has built up a portfolio of premium domain names, largely since 2015. With domains such as Broker.com, Firm.com, and Hybrid.com in his Efty-branded marketplace, Oxley’s portfolio is certainly one to be envious of.

Here are five recent additions that Oxley has made to his portfolio.



Bidding.com, a premium auction-related domain, was acquired by Oxley for an undisclosed fee in mid-late 2021. Archive.org suggests it has minimal usage history, but it’s a prime piece of digital real estate ready to be developed.



Did you know that before domain names, Media Options CEO Andrew Rosener was in the global seafood commodity business? Despite this connection, Seafood.com ended up in the hands of Brent Oxley. It has a minimum offer value of $950,000 at Oxley’s marketplace.



Brent Oxley owns several auto-related generic domains including Vehicle.com. He added to this collection with the addition of Sedan.com, a generic term for a passenger car. The domain looks to have previously been owned by the same ex-registrant of Bidding.com.



Last year, another prolific domain investor, Braden Pollock, acquired golfing term Birdie.com. Oxley has acquired his own golfing term, Bogey.com. Bogey is defined as “a score of one stroke over par.”



This financial term was acquired by Oxley between December 2021 and January 2022. The domain was previously owned by a client of corporate registrar CSC.

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