Afternic Beta Gets a Mobile Version

GoDaddy’s Afternic marketplace has long been a popular destination for domain sellers and is responsible for thousands of sales per year. While the marketplace is a go-to for domainers, the design of the marketplace is in need of some renovation.

Behind the scenes, GoDaddy has been reinvigorating the Afternic platform and has offered a public beta program for some time, allowing Afternic members to use the latest beta features.

GoDaddy periodically releases updates to its Afternic beta program, including some much-needed bulk editing features earlier this year.

Now, the company has added mobile compatibility to the beta platform.

A screenshot of Afternic’s new mobile version


According to details from GoDaddy, beta users can now access all the desktop features on a mobile device, from bulk editing to handling offers. With many domain name investors choosing to work from their phones, an Afternic mobile version should make life easier for domainers on the go.


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