Domaining Twitter Uncovers 2 Major Upgrades

Two industry experts recently discovered separate one-word .com domain name upgrades and shared them via Twitter.

The first upgrade was spotted by’s publisher, Elliot Silver, who noted that AI company Modular had acquired, moving from its original domain

According to historical Whois data, Modular acquired from Reflex Publishing, a company that owns a sizable portfolio of some of the best domains around including,, and Last April, it sold to audio app Clubhouse.

Modular, a US-based AI infrastructure company, was only founded in early 2022, but secured its exact-match .com, which currently forwards to

The startup was co-founded by two former Google employees, Chris Lattner and Tim Davis. Modular has also attracted former Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta talent. With some impressive early hires and its exact-match .com, Modular has built firm foundations for its ambitious project.


Another company that has secured an exceptional domain name is Comet, a machine learning firm that sensibly acquired

This deal was first spotted by research specialist Jamie Zoch.

Founded in 2017, New York-based Comet has attracted significant funding, raising $63 million in 2021 to bring its total funding to $69.8 million. It operates on the domain, the ccTLD for Mali, which has been repurposed here to presumably mean “machine learning.”

According to DomainIQ, used to be owned by Comet Associates, LLC. listings for show limited usage for the domain dating back to the early 2000s. It’s possible that the same company has owned the domain for decades.

As of publishing, redirects to, but it’s likely that Comet will ultimately transition to the superior


1 thought on “Domaining Twitter Uncovers 2 Major Upgrades”

  1. Comet*com stands out.
    Easy to spell, pronounce and short.

    Great upgrades from an increasingly EMD bullish startup leadership class.


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