Keolis Buys for New Brand

Keolis, a multinational public transport group has launched a new entity, Hove. The company managed to secure its exact-match .com, too.

The multi-billion-dollar French company, with more than 68,500 employees, announced the creation of Hove in a press release in March 2022. According to the press release, Hove will be “dedicated to the design and deployment of digital tools to boost shared mobility.”

It comprises a team of 110 mobility data experts in what sounds like a major investment by Keolis.

Smartly, Keolis has secured for its new entity.

Hove is a dictionary word defined as “the past tense of heave,” and the domain was previously owned by GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. GoDaddy looks to have originally acquired as part of a collection of names it bought from Tucows in 2017.

Keolis took ownership of at the beginning of April 2022, according to available Whois data. As recently as December, hosted a landing page prompting visitors to buy the domain via GoDaddy’s Afternic marketplace.

Along with, Keolis bought Both names currently redirect to, a subsidiary of Keolis.

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