MediaOptions Brokers Sale of to Logan Paul

Brokerage company MediaOptions, responsible for deals such as Zoom’s acquisition of, Amazon’s purchase of, and Elon Musk’s reunion with

Now, it has another name to add to its sales list,

This one-word domain was acquired by YouTube star Logan Paul for his upcoming ’99 Originals project, which features 99 photos taken on 99 days from Paul’s life, starting last August.

Of course, these 99 photos are going to form the basis of an NFT project, because that’s the trend.

Rather than hand-registering a domain, Paul invested some serious money into his domain choice for this project. publisher Elliot Silver discovered that was a domain that was being brokered by MediaOptions during 2021. Andrew Rosener, MediaOptions’ CEO, responded to Silver’s tweet to confirm that his company brokered the domain.

Paul joins the ranks of NFT projects such as Paradise Trippies (, Sherbet (, and Turtles ( in operating on a one-word .com domain. Will more NFT projects follow suit?



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