Sajari Rebrands to After $47,000 Sale

In May 2021, digital asset investor James Booth revealed that he sold for $47,000 at a time when the .io domain extension was starting to take off.

Booth, who reportedly scored a 1,000% ROI on the deal, also holds a sizable portfolio of some of the best .io domains around including and

Long after the sale, the domain has started to be used.

Sajari, a cloud-based instant search platform for websites and e-commerce, completed a rebrand to the domain name, as detailed in a blog post by the company.

Hamish Ogilvy, the company’s CEO, explained how Sajari began using that name:

We landed on the name “Sajari” because it sounded different, it was only 6 letters and the domain and all the various internet accounts were also available.

Unfortunately, Sajari ran into problems with its brand name, in the form of both pronunciation and spelling issues:

While it was unique and served us well, we wanted a name to disambiguate our mission and the pronunciation. We also wanted everyone to stop referring to us as “Safari” (thanks spell checkers!).

The company has now moved its whole operation over to the domain name. Interestingly, the company uses its domain as its brand name, too, rather than purely branding around the generic “Search.”

1 thought on “Sajari Rebrands to After $47,000 Sale”

  1. The value of just went up.

    CBS interactive hosts a search engine on and will be thankful for the traffic boost.

    I get moving off of Sajari for pronunciation reasons, but moving to only creates another set of problems, possibly greater than the Sajari issue – traffic leakage.

    Will they be rebranding again in 2023?


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