$3,144,000 Floor.com Gets a New Site – It Still Sells Rugs!

Last year, domain marketplace Brandforce revealed that it had completed the sale of Floor.com for $3,144,000 in what was the third-largest disclosed domain sale of 2021. The domain originally held a $4 million asking price on its Efty-powered landing page.

With both the NFT and crypto markets thriving at the time of the sale, many assumed that the domain would be developed into a site tracking floor prices of digital assets. However, the likely owner of the new domain is linked with rug manufacturer Unique Loom.

Floor.com operates through a newly formed company, Floor.com, LLC, based in South Carolina. Fellow South Carolinian company Unique Loom shares the same company registered agent as Floor.com, LLC, suggesting a link between the two.

Since the acquisition of Floor.com in September 2021, the domain displayed a basic e-commerce site but that has now been expanded with a brand new website, still selling rugs.

NFT enthusiasts looking for the floor prices of various projects might be confused by navigating to Floor.com, but the new owners are capitalizing on the power of a highly sought-after domain.

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