After Changing Hands for $7.5 Million in 2006, Sells Again

In May 2006, changed hands in a deal worth $7.5 million. Since then, this iconic domain has hosted several iterations of a jewelry store, with owners looking to capitalize on the prestige of

By 2015, was put up for sale, and in 2018 the domain changed hands, with the name displaying a landing page promoting a cryptocurrency exchange. That project petered out and entered the aftermarket again.

In 2020, was listed for sale at Epik and in 2021, domain brokerage announced that its team was bringing the domain to market. Following this announcement, hosted a Efty landing page. moved under Whois privacy protection to GoDaddy in April 2022, suggesting that the name may have sold again. I have now been able to confirm the sale with the new owner. A message to, the likely brokers of the name, went unanswered.

What does the future hold for The domain is such a powerful brand name that could be used to dominate dozens of industries from jewelry to finance or even cryptocurrency.  As of publishing, hosts a landing page promoting a new credit card program arriving in 2023.

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