– The Worst NFT at the Best Domain

Legendary domain investor Rick Schwartz is no stranger to a seven-figure domain deal, with deals including for $8,888,888.88 and for $3 million.

Schwartz has only ever sold a handful of his domain names, declining most offers that he receives. One offer that he negotiated and ultimately agreed upon was a multi-million deal for, a name that Schwartz originally paid $12,500 for, was put under contract in 2021 for a reported $6 million, plus royalties. While no other details of the deal have been revealed, it’s assumed that it is some kind of lease-to-own deal, as the Whois data for still shows Schwartz as the registrant.

The domain, though, has been developed by a trio based in Brooklyn, and it seems like they just want to have some fun with the domain.

Visiting will now offer information on how you can get your own email address. Intriguingly, that email handle will be minted as an NFT.

With 10,000 available at a price of 0.03 ETH each, minting an “assmail” token will provide you with your chosen email handle and access to an NFT-validated email server. Those email addresses are guaranteed for 12 months, according to the website. The token is described as “the worst NFT at the best domain.”

With a $6 million deal, plus royalties, to pay for, selling 10,000 email handles will net the company 300 ETH, which is around $900,000. Will the team behind have anything else in store, or are they really just happy to make visitors smile?

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