Looks Like OnlineGambling.com Acquired OG.com in 2021

OnlineGambling.com describes itself as a leading resource for “everything bettors, sports fans and gamblers want to know about the world of casinos, sports betting and poker.” With a registered company address in Malta, OnlineGambling.com maintains an international presence, with staff in several countries.

The company’s ownership isn’t easy to decipher, and it isn’t immediately clear when OnlineGambling.com was formed, although there are iterations of a gambling site on the domain dating back to 2002.

OnlineGambling.com is popular, though, and has even formed partnerships with successful YouTubers.

It looks as though OnlineGambling.com acquired a much shorter domain in 2021. According to DomainIQ’s Whois history, the OG.com domain transferred registrars from eNom to SafeNames around April 2021.

The domain was previously owned by Calacom, LLC., a Californian entity that owns a vast portfolio of valuable domains, despite selling names such as Sea.com and Dune.com recently.

With only 676 in existence, two-letter .com domains are seen as valuable assets for both investors and end-users alike.

For OnlineGambling.com, owning OG.com represents an opportunity to further enhance its brand, possibly by moving into non-English speaking territories where a universally known two-letter .com domain could be more accessible than OnlineGambling.com

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