New VC Fund, Blank Ventures, Acquired

It’s not just funded startups acquiring one-word .com domains, it’s the funders, too.

A new venture capital fund called Blank Ventures has secured the one-word .com domain, The fund looks to have been formally set up in early 2022 under the name Blank Ventures Fund.

Blank Ventures was formed by Hannah Chelkowski, Abhinav Tiwari, and Antoine Nivard, three experts in early-stage funding that have already made their first investment as Blank Ventures. The fund contributed to Playbook’s $18 million Series A round in April 2022.

Blank Ventures looks to have acquired in January 2022 after the domain moved to a privacy-protected GoDaddy account.

As of publishing, Blank Ventures has no posts on its social media pages, suggesting the fund is still working behind the scenes before formally launching.

Update (May 3, 2022): Lumis co-founder Keith Richter confirmed that Lumis brokered this deal.

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