Top .co sales of 2021: Where are they now?

In 2021, NameBio recorded 1,515 .co domain sales, totaling $3.1 million. The .com alternative produced 3 sales of $100,000 or more in 2021, too. Here, we’re looking at the top 10 .co sales from 2021 to see how they’re being used now. – $300,000

In top spot for 2021 was, which sold for $300,000. This domain was one of a number of “eth” related names that sold for five- or six-figures in 2021. The significance of “eth” is as the widely-used abbreviation for the Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency. This domain was acquired by an unknown buyer who is using some nifty code to use ENS domains to automatically display NFT portfolios on subdomains. was acquired directly from the seller’s Efty landing page at the BIN price. – $162,000

Brokered by Sedo,’s purchaser was a mystery for a long time. The domain was acquired by a client of Com Laude, a corporate domain name management company, but the buyer’s identity is obscured. looks to have been purchased by payment provider Stripe, which is using the domain to host a page filled with information about its one-click payment technology. – $120,000

Sex sells. Some of the largest .com sales of all time have been sex-related, and it’s the same story with this .co domain. James Booth sold for $120,000 in March 2021, a name he acquired for $22,000 just over a year before.

As of publishing, the domain doesn’t resolve. – $87,750

Brokered by GoDaddy, the sale of was closed early in 2021, but it hasn’t been put to use by its new owner. The domain was acquired by OwnBackup, a provider of SaaS and Paas data backup services.

OwnBackup has raised over $500 million in funding, with over $400 million of that raised in 2021. redirects to a GoDaddy parked page. – $84,100

The buyer of was originally unknown, but some early sleuthing by myself found that was purchased by 2create Ltd, a design agency from Bulgaria. The domain was purchased as an upgrade from and now hosts the company’s project communication platform. – $75,000 was brokered by Grit Brokerage in July 2021. The name was acquired by a new platform provider, Versus, which describes itself as a “training platform for aspiring athletes that teaches technical skills, emotional IQ, and life lessons from top coaches and professionals.” – $65,817

This two-letter .co domain was sold via Sedo and acquired by Ubermedia, a California-based data business. The company abbreviated its name to UM, using However, shortly after its acquisition of, UM itself was bought by Near. In another domain link, Near purchased this year for $1.15 million. – $55,500

In this case, is not only the domain name, but it’s also the brand name. After selling for $55,500 via GoDaddy, was acquired by two entrepreneurs who made the domain into their company name. is an AI-powered consumer brand group that predicts product needs and market fits. – $54,000

Carrying on the numeric theme is, selling for $54,000 via Grit Brokerage. was acquired by Twelve, which describes itself as “a new kind of chemical company built for the climate era.” The company makes essential products from the air rather than oil.

Twelve has raised $68 million including a $57 million funding round in July 2021, around the time the company purchased – $53,450

Lastly, we have a meta-related domain, a keyword that took off in 2021 thanks partly to Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. Despite selling for $53,400, has not been developed and hosts a generic Dynadot landing page.


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