$600,000 Yachts.com Buyer Revealed

In 2021, investor Eric Borgos acquired Yachts.com for $350,000 in a move that many Redditors labeled as “crazy” and “reckless.”

Borgos explained why he acquired the domain in a lengthy post on his blog.

A year on from the purchase, Borgos sold the domain for $600,000 in a deal brokered by Andrew Miller and Sedo’s Frank Tillmanns.

The $250,000 profit inside a year shows that even if a business fails on a premium domain, you still have that domain as an asset.

After the $600,000 sale closed, Yachts.com moved to a privacy-protected GoDaddy account. Now, the domain has updated to show which company acquired the domain.

Based on the website now hosted at Yachts.com, the buyer was Sieckmann Yachts, a German yacht company founded by brothers Torsten and Oliver Sieckmann. The company sells pre-owned yachts and offers a couple of other services, too.

Yachts.com looks to be an upgrade from the company’s Sieckmann-yachts.de domain.

2 thoughts on “$600,000 Yachts.com Buyer Revealed”

  1. Bitocin price was $35,127 in June 2021. Bitcoin price is $19,137.

    Had Borgos listened to reddi(diotss) and invested $350K into crypto last June, he’d have owned about 10 bitcoins. Today, those 10 bitcoins would be worth $190,678 (loss of $159K!).

    Instead, he nearly doubled his money in a bear market with cryptos leading the sprint into recession 2022. Here is the irony of the reddi(diots), they are now fire-selling their own cryptos as fast as they can.

    Premium dot-com is only increasing in value.

    • Now imagine that in May 2020 they bought Britishtoday.com for $ 400 million through bitcoin and the seller made an amazing profit because bitcoin was cheap at the time and I guess he got all his bitcoins Sold at a time when bitcoin was about $ 60,000.


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