Caribou Switches to After Upgrading from

MotoRefi launched in 2016 as an auto refinancing company, but thanks to an expanding business, it took the sensible decision to rebrand in late 2021.

The company moved from MotoRefi, a limiting refinancing brand, to Caribou, a generic name that can incorporate a number of different services and products. Caribou noticed the power that a generic brand name can bring, citing the limitations of its original brand name in this quote:

While our commitment to great service, reliability, and speed remains the same, our ability to save people money has expanded beyond just auto refi. Now, as Caribou, we’ll help you take control of even more of your auto expenses, including insurance.

From a domain perspective, Caribou rebranded using the domain. Not an ideal name, but in an article for DomainNameWire from February 2022, I discovered that the company likely acquired in late 2021, soon after its rebrand., which was successfully defended in a UDRP in December 2021, began forwarding to in February 2022. Now, the company has fully switched from to

Notably, Caribou doesn’t operate on the @Caribou username on major social networks, but it did secure as a priority for its web-based, consumer-facing brand.

You can read more about MotoRefi and its rebrand to Caribou in my article for DomainNameWire.

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