Electra Scores Upgrade to Electra.com After $50,000 .CO Purchase

After acquiring Electra.co in April 2022, a company called Electra has managed to secure an upgrade in the form of Electra.com.

Electra.co, which was sold by AbdulBasit Makrani via the Afternic marketplace for $50,000, is the largest publicly disclosed .co sale of 2022 so far. Shortly after the deal closed in April 2022, Electra.co began displaying a basic site for Electra, a company that has a very clear aim to “slash carbon emissions from the US electrical grid by 2030.”

There’s little else to immediately discern about Electra, its founders, and its backers, but we do know that the company has now acquired Electra.com. The domain sale was spotted by Jamie Zoch on Twitter.

The Electra.com deal was facilitated by broker Andrew Miller and brokerage company Lumis. Miller confirmed in a LinkedIn post that the duo had teamed up to close a deal, with Miller representing the seller and Lumis the buyer.

Electra.com was previously owned by General Electric, but the name moved into the possession of Universal Studios in 2014. Based on Whois history, the domain was sold by Universal Studios to Electra.

Andrew Miller has some history with Universal Studios, first acquiring Fairway.com from Universal Studios for Fairway Independent Mortage Corporation, and secondly facilitating the sale of Universal.com to Universal Studios from domain investor Andy Booth’s portfolio.

Electra is a widely used brand name. Crunchbase lists 42 companies that use Electra as a brand name, with LinkedIn displaying 758 companies using Electra. However, only one brand can own Electra.com.

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