Former Groupon Employee Launched Gradual on

I came across the domain recently and found an intriguing project operating on the domain.

Created by former Groupon director of engineering Jerry Li, Gradual is an all-in-one community platform for events, content, and people.

Founded in 2021, Gradual was launched by Li after suffering poor engagement and a fragmented experience while creating ELC, a network for engineering leaders that offers in-person events, videos, and podcasts.

With COVID-19 still a factor in creating in-person events, many companies have turned to online solutions to host virtual conferences, with one Gradual customer reporting that they hosted a 23,000-person virtual event using Gradual’s platform.

Gradual operates on, a domain it acquired around September 2021 when the domain moved under Whois privacy protection to GoDaddy where it has remained ever since. was previously in the hands of Belgian software company Gradual.

Gradual looks to be a new service, with its LinkedIn page suggesting it was founded in 2021. The company also owns


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