Gala Uses to Expand Beyond Games

Last month, gaming brand Gala secured its exact-match .com domain,, to complete a significant brand upgrade.

Shortly after its acquisition, Gala posted a coming soon page on, suggesting that the company would switch from its original to That’s what usually happens.

Instead, still exists as the company’s gaming site, but it has moved to one side as the behemoth takes center stage in the brand’s expansion.

Despite launching a $100 million gaming fund in 2022, Gala has healthy ambitions to “define new frontiers in Web3 entertainment” and so it has moved beyond gaming to encompass music and movies under the Gala brand umbrella.

Gala outgrew as a central domain name, especially considering the company’s heavy investment in NFTs, plus its partnership with music artists such as Snoop Dogg., which the company acquired thanks to brokerage company MediaOptions, was the logical next step for Gala.

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