Hyena Energy Upgrades to Hyena.com

Animal names are some of the most versatile brand names in existence. They can be applied to multiple industries, and often are. From insurance company Hippo to cloud-based security company Panther, animal names and their exact-match .com’s are consistently popular.

Another company has recently acquired their exact-match .com, which happens to also be an animal name.

Hyena Energy is a company producing and deploying fuel cell technology in Africa. Based in South Africa’s Cape Town, Hyena Energy actually arrived at its brand name thanks to an amalgamation of the words Hydrogen Energy Application.

The company secured Hyena.com earlier in 2022, upgrading from HyenaEnergy.com in the process. According to DomainIQ’s Whois history, the name looks to have passed between several domain investors over the years before it was acquired by Hyena in April 2022.

Hyena.com was previously listed for sale at brandable marketplace BrandBucket. An Archive.org capture from December 2021 shows the name had an asking price of $47,995 at that time.

1 thought on “Hyena Energy Upgrades to Hyena.com”

  1. $47K is a steal of a deal for Hyena.

    You are right about the versatility of animal names. Most are $100K minimum, if not $250K minimum. I’ve inquired on several animal dot-Coms and usually mid-six figures range.


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