Arrange Secured for New Startup

The one-word .com domain name is off the market after a Danish company secured the name for its new startup.

Navigating to now, you’ll see a site promoting Arrange, a SaaS startup building a platform to allow ‘experience businesses’ to operate effortlessly.

Arrange’s platform looks to handle most vital operations for the aforementioned ‘experience businesses,’ such as art classes, pottery classes, or cooking classes.

The Danish company behind Arrange managed to secure the exact-match domain very early on.

According to Whois history, was likely secured by Arrange in late 2021 after the domain moved into Whois privacy protection at GoDaddy. Before moving into privacy protection, the domain was registered to Thought Convergence, Inc., a company co-founded by investors Ammar Kubba and Kevin Vo. The company auctioned off a bunch of valuable names in 2021.

Since the domain moved under Whois privacy protection, it’s unknown whether Arrange acquired outright, or whether it secured the name via a lease-to-own or financed deal, using a service such as or Domain Capital.

Regardless, securing its exact-match .com was a savvy early move for this web-based software provider.

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