Becomes South Africa’s New Fashion Platform

On July 1, 2022, I wrote an article about the ultra-premium domain The domain disappeared from Efty-powered marketplace earlier this year, and its nameservers were updated, suggesting the domain may have changed hands.

While’s co-founder, Louis Pickthall, was unable to comment on whether the domain sold, we do know that started to resolve to a basic landing page associated with South African clothing company The Foschini Group.

Today, I noticed that has been updated to display a brand new website. now hosts a clothing brand called Bash, which looks to be a new venture from The Foschini Group. According to the site, is South Africa’s “new fashion and lifestyle shopping platform” that is available at and via a mobile app. The platform sells Foschini Group-owned branded clothing as well as apparel from major labels such as Nike, Adidas, and Vans.

The Foschini Group also owns, the South African extension, but the domain doesn’t resolve as of publishing. It’s interesting to note that while Bash is aimed at the South African market, the company chose not to operate on Instead, hosts the new brand.

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