Did Meet.com Sell for $1 Million?

In October 2021, an exceptional domain changed hands when Meet.com moved from a privacy-protected GoDaddy account to corporate registrar SafeNames.

Meet.com, which remains unused and under privacy protection at SafeNames, reportedly had an asking price of $5 million, according to domain researcher Jamie Zoch. The actual sales price wasn’t disclosed.

The sale of Meet.com was reportedly conducted by VPN.com, a brokerage company founded by Michael Gargiulo. Gargiulo confirmed the sale of Meet.com last October.

Navigating to VPN.com’s domain brokerage page, visitors scrolling the site will see a little blue box mentioning some of the deals conducted by VPN.com brokers.

The list of names, along with prices, includes some verified domain sales including Eth.com for $2 million, DXB.com for $220,000, and D8.com for $196,500. Nestled among these sales is Meet.com with a price of $1 million.

Does this suggest that Meet.com sold for $1 million last October? Before publishing this article, I reached out to Michael Gargiulo of VPN.com a couple of times, but I received no response. If Meet.com did sell for $1 million, it would have reached number 16 in DNJournal’s 2021 chart.

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