Has The Foschini Group Acquired Bash.com?

This year, valuable four-letter domains such as Gems.com, Dune.com, and Root.com have been sold. Has another ultra-premium, four-letter domain changed hands in the form of Bash.com?

The domain was previously listed at Brandforce.com, a “brand as a service” marketplace that has sold domains such as Connect.com and Floor.com. Up until April 2022, Bash.com hosted an Efty-powered Brandforce landing page, but the nameservers changed and the domain disappeared from Brandforce’s marketplace, suggesting a domain sale.

Brandforce co-founder and VP, Louis Pickthall, was unable to comment on whether the domain sold, but as of publishing, Bash.com resolves to a landing page associated with The Foschini Group.

The Foschini Group is a South African clothing company that owns dozens of brands, including the apparel chain Phase Eight, which it acquired for £238 million in 2015.

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