Top .xyz sales of 2021: Where are they now?

One of the breakout stars of 2021 was the .xyz extension, achieving $2 million in publicly disclosed sales. That’s compared to 2020 when NameBio listed just $108,200 worth of .xyz sales. It’s likely that the increase in .xyz sales was largely down to the influx of funding and interest in the Web3 space. Here’s how the top 10 sales of 2021 have been developed. – $79,888

The top name on the 2021 .xyz sales list is, which was sold by Swetha Yenugula. The domain was acquired by Glow Wallet, a Canadian-based company that produced a wallet app specifically for the Solana blockchain. – $69,888

Unless otherwise stated, all of these domain names have been sold by Swetha Yenugula, a domain investor with a sizable portfolio of .xyz domains., which weighs in at number six on the ten largest .xyz sales of all time, was acquired by an unknown person or company. The domain is registered under WHOIS privacy protection and doesn’t resolve, as of writing. – $50,000

This $50,000 domain was acquired by Alliance DAO, a Web3 accelerator that has helped more than 80 startups within the Web3 space to grow their companies. It seems at first glance like a Y Combinator-style accelerator specifically for Web3. – $49,000

Sold by Nikul Sanghvi, was acquired by a Web3 company called Nomad. Using Nomad, developers can securely build cross-chain applications and bridge assets between chains. – $39,888 is another domain sale where we don’t know the buyer. Its DNS hasn’t been updated since it sold, and the domain is registered under WHOIS privacy protection. – $37,000

Sold in December 2021, sold for $37,000. The domain now hosts a basic landing page branding itself as “the home for NFT communities.” Little else is immediately discernable about the company behind the name. – $34,888 was acquired by SquidDAO, a decentralized reserve currency protocol that uses the $SQUID token. SquidDAO currently hosts NFT auctions on its website connected to the $SQUID token. – $30,000 was sold by a domain investor from Dubai who held the domain since 2014. The investor also owns a number of other single-word .xyz domains. WHOIS lists ACE NFT INC as the current owner of, a newly formed corporation. It is yet to put to use. – $27,888

The .xyz extension seems to be popular within the cryptocurrency and NFT space. In this instance, was acquired by Agora Space, a development company that connects Discord, Twitter, and other social media platforms to the blockchain. Agora Space uses to host its main website. The company also uses – $27,888

Yet another sale from Swetha Yenugula’s DNGear, sold for $27,888. was acquired by Flip, which offers a range of free tools to help provide insights into NFTs. hosts the company’s official website.

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