$10 Million Connect.com Usage Revealed

Recently, CRM giant HubSpot revealed in an SEC filing that is acquired the Connect.com domain name for $10 million. The details, discovered by George Kirikos, also revealed that Connect.com “will be used to host a networked community for customers, Solutions Partners, and prospects.”

Now, HubSpot has put its eight-figure domain name to work. As of publishing, Connect.com is now the home of HubSpot’s old “HubSpot Network,” a network for professionals with a focus on HubSpot’s products and certifications.

The network has now been branded as “Connect.com Directory,” indicating that HubSpot will use its domain name within the branding of the network. The site’s logo also contains the .com extension, as shown above.

The Connect.com domain deal was brokered by Louis Pickthall of Brandforce, and has been charted by DNJournal as the second largest sale of 2022 so far.


We discuss the Connect.com sale on this edition of Off the Market Forever at DomainSherpa.com. Have a listen!

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