2021 Achieve.com Buyer Revealed

In 2021, digital asset investor Josh Schoen confirmed that he sold the domain names Achieve.com and its common misspelling, Acheive.com, to a client of corporate acquisition company Marksmen.

At the time, the identity of the buyer was unknown, but a recent update has revealed the buyer and the project that the domain was acquired for.

Navigating to Achieve.com now, you’ll see a finance brand called Achieve, which offers personal digital financial help and provides personal loans, plus strategies for reducing debt. This is a new venture set up on a strong .com domain.

The company was co-founded by Brad Stroh and Andrew Housser, the founders of Freedom Financial Network, which itself is a holding company for brands such as Bills.com.

Bills.com is a successful financial planning service founded by the duo in 2005. Of course, the company has been operating on the Bills.com premium domain since it launched.

Achieve.com marks the second ultra-premium domain to house a new financial product in recent months, following the launch of Reach.com after personal loan company Liberty Lending rebranded to Reach Financial in May 2022.

Schoen, an experienced investor, holds a domain portfolio filled with names such as Sign.com, Nurture.com, and Spiral.com. Aside from Achieve.com, he has previously sold names such as Posh.com, Ruby.io, and Wow.io.

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