9 Best Domains at Brandforce: Window.com, Street.com, and More

Brandforce is a “brands as a service” marketplace co-founded by former Uniregistry broker, Louis Pickthall. The marketplace, which runs on Efty’s framework, has had a stellar few years, selling Olive.com and Floor.com among others.

Visiting Brandforce’s website, you’ll be greeted with an almost endless list of highly valuable domains. I’ve picked my 9 favorite names from the marketplace here.



Registered in 1994, Window.com is one of the featured domains on Brandforce. While there are few companies listed at Crunchbase as using simply “Window” as the brand name, it is nonetheless a powerful and versatile domain that holds immense value.



Restaurant booking services such as OpenTable have become incredibly popular in recent years. Table.com could easily fit into the restaurant booking category. It would also make the perfect domain name upgrade for several companies, according to Crunchbase.



I’ve chosen Purse.com to be included in my top 10 because of the potential connection to finance. Purse is traditionally seen as the female equivalent of a wallet and could be used within the finance or cryptocurrency industries As an example, there is already a Bitcoin-related company operating on Purse.io.



The generic Street.com domain naturally lends itself well to location-based technologies or mapping, but realistically could cater to any industry. The domain may also have financial connotations, perhaps as an abbreviation for Wall Street.



Colors can make for great brand names. Orange (orange.com), Purple (purple.com), and Yellow (yellow.com) are three examples that immediately come to mind. White.com has been bought and sold by a couple of domain investors over the past decade. In 2013, Media Options announced that the company sold the domain for an undisclosed fee. The name sold again in 2019 with Booth.com, the holding company of Andy and James Booth, appearing on the WHOIS listing. Months later, the name moved into the hands of an unknown investor. It is now for sale at Brandforce.



Three-letter, single-word .com domains are extremely valuable. A quick look at NameBio confirms this, revealing that the likes of Ice.com, Fly.com, and Sex.com have sold for multi-million dollar fees in the past. Wax.com may have developed a new, valuable meaning, as “AX” is often used as an abbreviation for “asset exchange,” a term common with cryptocurrency.



Not to be confused with Answers.com, Answer.com is a very strong domain name for brands across multiple industries. The .io equivalent, Answer.io, was sold recently by James Booth for a fee of $105,500, paid over a series of installments.



As with colors, numbers can make for great brand names, too. Both One.com and Three.com have been developed into homes for popular brands. Six.com, therefore, represents a rare domain name that dozens of existing companies would benefit from owning.



Brandforce lists a number of two-letter .com domains including FE.com, WT.com, and VZ.com. My personal favorite is Yo.com, a name that was developed by the Yo! brand as a social collaborative application. The domain now redirects to Brandforce’s marketplace, though.

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