Aphid Acquires Aphid.com from GoDaddy’s NameFind

Another day, another one-word .com domain name off the market.

Fintech company Aphid, founded in 2019 by a small team in Los Angeles, has been working on a product designed to “disrupt the 9 to 5” by using AI and blockchain technology to enable the automation of basic or repetitive tasks.

The product, which is currently in beta testing, will allow individuals and businesses to access bots to automate tasks and services such as customer support and digital sales.

Aphid, which gets its name from the insect that can clone itself, has been operating on Aphid.io until August 2022, when it secured Aphid.com.

According to Whois history, the domain was previously a part of GoDaddy’s mammoth NameFind portfolio.

Aphid has already switched its website from Aphid.io to Aphid.com in a rapid deployment.

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