Sells for $315,000

The one-word .com domain market is as hot as ever, with multiple million-dollar deals reported in the first eight months of 2022. Aside from speculation of a $6 million deal for, we’ve seen sell via Sedo’s Frank Tillmans for $1.6 million and via Brandforce’s Louis Pickthall for a whopping $10 million.

There are dozens of deals taking place in the six-figure range, too. The latest is, which sold for $315,000. The sale, which is already listed at NameBio, was brokered by Penelope Martinez of NameJar. The deal was confirmed privately to me by Martinez.

Up until recently, was redirecting to a BrandBucket site listing the domain for sale for $679,800. As of publishing, the domain doesn’t resolve after transferring from a privacy-protected GoDaddy account to a privacy-protected PorkBun account.

The transfer to PorkBun, a registrar popular with domain investors, may suggest that this name was acquired by an investor rather than an end-user. has a vast history as a popular entertainment website and still has a vast backlink profile. Ahrefs suggests the name has just over 1.9 million backlinks from its time as the popular platform, meaning that this name has some cultural and SEO value beyond the traditional value metrics of a one-word .com domain.

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  1. Eric Borgos potentially. Eric just sold and previously owned which was also a popular entertainment website in that same niche.


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