Fetch Rewards Secures Fetch.com from Fetch Delivery

The Fetch.com domain name has changed hands, with the domain moving from the hands of a startup to a well-funded rewards business.

Up until recently, Fetch.com has been owned and operated by Fetch Delivery, a New Mexico-based delivery service founded in 2018. The company, which has raised $5.1 million to date, previously branded around the Fetch.com domain, but it recently announced a domain change.

According to a newsletter Fetch Delivery sent out, it switched from Fetch.com to FetchDelivery.com as it “more accurately describes our services AND helps avoid confusion with other businesses that have fetch as part of their name.”

The real reason may have been an enticing offer from Fetch Rewards, a rewards platform founded in 2013 and partners with dozens of the world’s leading brands.

Fetch Rewards has received $581.8 million in funding to date, including a $240 million Series E round announced in April 2022.

It looks like Fetch Rewards, which recently surpassed 5 million daily active users, used some of those funds to acquire Fetch.com. The domain is currently redirecting to FetchRewards.com, but expect the company to switch at some point in the future.

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