GoDaddy Testing New Make Offer Landing Pages (Pictures)

In July 2022, I revealed that GoDaddy was testing new landing pages for domain names with buy-now prices at Afternic. The landing pages, which are available by pointing a domain name to the and nameservers, removed several unnecessary elements that were present in the previous design and left users with a sleek, simple layout.

Some commenters wondered why GoDaddy hadn’t started offering new designs for other landing pages, such as the popular “make offer” page, which is available through and It now seems GoDaddy has deployed a new design for “make offer” landing pages.

Here is what the current “make offer” landing page looks like.

Below is the new design. On the surface, very little seems to have changed other than an updated color scheme. To me, the new darker colors chosen help to make the GoDaddy logo, domain name, and contact form stand out, in contrast with the current design that uses plenty of light grey. Will the redesign result in a better conversion rate?

The design is scalable, allowing it to resolve properly on a mobile screen. Here’s what that might look like on a phone.

The design is available on a wide variety of domains using the and nameservers, but its visibility is sporadic. Today, I’ve typed the same domain in twice in two separate browsers, receiving both the new and old landing page versions. Since GoDaddy is testing the new version, it may receive subtle or major changes depending on data that GoDaddy gathers.

GoDaddy isn’t the only company rolling out a new design. Sedo has also released two brand new landing page designs this week, which are radically different (and improved, in my opinion), over its previous designs.

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  1. I’m not sure why GD doesn’t show the minimum offer information and a make offer field on the lander?

    Any name searched on the GD website shows this information. Why not on the landers?


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