Acquires for $83,160

The project is buying up all of the IT domain names it can.

In May 2021, Intis Telecom acquired the domain name for $3.8 million in a deal brokered by Igor Furdyk and James Booth. The multimillion-dollar fee was paid for in installments, with Intis Telecom paying an initial $1.5 million with the rest of the balance due to be paid over the course of 36 months, according to DNJournal. The remaining money owed was paid off early, with the transaction completed in June 2022.

Since the acquisition, Intis Telecom has built into a business selling subdomains, allowing anyone to register a domain such as It’s a similar strategy to CentralNIC, which has sold subdomains of and for many years.

Alongside its purchase of, the company has secured dozens of other IT domain names in various extensions. Domains such as ($235,007), ($38,500), and ($25,000) have been acquired by Intis Telecom for its brand.

The company has now added to its portfolio, which will rank as the largest publicly disclosed .tv sale of the year so far. has been secured for a fee of $83,160 in a deal closed via the marketplace. According to Igor Furdyk, the domain name itself cost $80,000, with the buyer also covering’s fee of $3,160 for the transaction.

According to NameBio, will rank as the sixth-largest publicly disclosed .tv sale of all time. As of publishing, redirects to

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