At Least 100 Unicorns Use a One Word .com

Earlier this year, Crunchbase launched The Unicorn Board, a comprehensive list of private companies with a valuation of $1 billion or more.

The curated list includes data on company valuations, total funding, and lead investors. However, domain name data is missing from the list. To remedy that, I compiled domain data on all unicorn companies listed in Crunchbase’s Unicorn Board and released that data in two parts.

Something notable about unicorn companies is the number of ultra-premium domains in use. Since one-word .com domains are considered to be one of the most valuable categories of domains, I decided to see how many unicorn companies operate on one-word .com’s.

I went through the data and discovered that at least 100 companies currently operate on a one-word .com domain. I say “at least,” since there are almost certainly more that own a one-word .com domain, too, but some domains weren’t included in the data from Crunchbase.

The one-word .com domains used by unicorn companies include:

1 thought on “At Least 100 Unicorns Use a One Word .com”

  1. Wonderful list.

    I wonder how many of these companies purchased their EMD dot-Com at SEED v. Series A vs. Series B?

    The hardest sales for EMD dot-Com in my experience are to SEED level startups.


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