Coworking Office Provider Kiln Upgrades to

Founded in 2017, Kiln is a boutique coworking office provider based in Utah.

With office space in several US states such as Utah, California, and Colorado, Kiln caters to dozens of businesses and individual entrepreneurs that take advantage of the flexible arrangements and modern amenities that Kiln provides.

The company has $6 million in Series A funding under its belt and is expanding its business rapidly, judging by its recent advancements such as the acquisition of fellow coworking office provider Bloc.

Kiln has now secured a domain name upgrade, too. After starting life on, the company switched to to host its website, which provides a vital first view of Kiln to potential clients.

The company has now upgraded to, with this premium .com domain redirecting to as of publishing.

The domain name recently transferred from previous owners FLSmidth to a privacy-protected GoDaddy account. FLSmidth is a multinational engineering company based in Denmark that provides services to the global cement and mineral industries. used to redirect to FLSmidth’s kiln services page.

Kiln follows fellow coworking company Morning in securing a domain upgrade this year, with Morning acquiring

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