Did you know that Amazon was almost Relentless.com?

Since launching in 1994, Amazon has gone through quite the transformation.

From a small site selling books, Amazon grew into a multinational technology company with a market cap of over $1.5 trillion. The Amazon revolution made founder Jeff Bezos into a centibillionaire, worth over $180 billion.

But, the story could have been so different. Well, the name could have been different.

Ironically, Amazon could have been called Relentless.

Back in 1994, Bezos was contemplating names for his new company and before settling on Amazon, other brand names such as Browse and Relentless were considered. According to “The Everything Store,” a book documenting the rise of Amazon, “Friends suggested [Relentless] sounded a bit sinister. But something about it must have captivated Bezos: He registered the URL in September 1994, and he kept it.”

Bezos registered Relentless.com almost two months before Amazon.com, the domain that he ultimately chose.

Today, Amazon still maintains ownership of the Relentless.com domain name, forwarding visitors to Amazon.com. It sits alongside other premium Amazon-owned domains such as Prime.com, Podcast.com, and Look.com.


Thanks to Braden Pollock for suggesting this story.

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