Northern Pacific Airways Upgraded from to

A new airline has secured a coveted two-letter .com domain name as the digital shop front for its brand.

Founded in 2021, Northern Pacific Airways is a low-cost airline based around connecting North America and Asia by porting flights through its Alaska site.

CEO Rob McKinney, who launched the brand last year, has a history in the aviation industry, previously purchasing Ravn Alaska Airlines, which was on the brink of bankruptcy.

Northern Pacific, which bought a fleet of Boeing 757s in 2021, has also secured a premium domain name in the form of

With only 676 available, two-letter .com domains are a sought-after and expensive club to enter, often costing millions of dollars. In the past year, for example, we have seen sell to Intis Telecom for $3.8 million. is a domain that could also have been secured for a seven-figure fee. In June 2021, was advertised for sale with a $2.5 million asking price. By November 2021, shows Northern Pacific operating on the domain.

An email to Northern Pacific’s CEO, Rob McKinney, went unanswered, leaving questions about whether the domain was purchased outright or on a payment plan.

Nonetheless, Northern Pacific is now operating on, an upgrade from its original domain.

Northern Pacific joins American Airlines ( and British Airways ( in the list of airlines that operate on a highly prized two-letter .com.

Thanks to Paul at MavenDomains for the tip.

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