Freedom Financial Rebrands to Achieve with

In 2021, digital asset investor Josh Schoen confirmed that he sold the domain names and its common misspelling,, to a client of corporate acquisition company Marksmen.

The buyer’s identity was only revealed in August 2022 when a website appeared on promoting what looked to be a new brand called Achieve, created by the founders of Freedom Financial Network, a holding company for notable brands such as

Freedom Financial Network has gone further than I thought with its new brand and domain name.

According to a September 2022 press release, Freedom Financial Network has rebranded itself as Achieve. The new brand, plus the domain name, has been featured on the NASDAQ building in New York.

The succinct, single-word brand is a stark difference from the Freedom Financial Network brand that the company is leaving behind and shows the current trend towards short, generic, versatile brand names that are so in demand, especially among digital businesses.

Achieve still continues to operate as a separate entity, a popular financial services brand that has been in operation since 2005.

Thanks to Tim Hargis for the tip.

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