New App Secured Ahead of Launch

A new recipe app has launched, combining the high production value of Masterclass with the YouTube-style cook-alongs that have become so popular.

Technology company Creme aims to make people think differently about food and hospitality by first connecting chefs with an audience to create an online revenue stream. Some chefs have made a healthy living through platforms such as YouTube, but Creme is looking to widen the net, allowing more chefs to create sustainable income online.

Creme, which launched its app in late September, filmed over 1,400 recipe tutorials with more than 150 chefs worldwide. The quality of the videography of these tutorials is, from what I can see, impeccable and something that wouldn’t be possible for a standard YouTube chef without a sizable budget.

The company, which offers its app and service via a subscription model, has secured its exact-match .com,, ahead of launching. hosts an informational website about Creme, with links to download the Creme app. is also used in the sharing of recipes on social media. The company also

According to Whois history, the acquisition of could have taken place as early as December 2021 in anticipation of Creme’s launch in September 2022.

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