Notion Starts Podcast Ad Campaign – Using over

Notion has been a go-to app for individuals and corporations alike for several years.

Founded in 2016, this all-in-one workspace provider is well known in tech circles, but the company is expanding its reach to attract a wider audience. To do this, Notion has started an ad campaign across podcasts.

I’ve come across Notion’s ads on a couple of different podcasts recently and being a domain geek, I noticed the use of the domain name.

Notion, which has raised over $343 million in funding to date, has owned the domain name since late 2019 or early 2020, based on available Whois historical data. It acquired the domain in between announcing its Series A and Series B funding round.

However, Notion has always operated on and redirects to It is one of the most famous companies operating on the .so extension, the ccTLD for Somalia.

Within Notion’s ads, listeners are prompted to visit rather than It’s a logical move, as the .so extension may be obscure to the majority of the general public. The domain is also a far more attractive, memorable, and trustworthy name.

Will Notion eventually ditch in exchange for

You can listen to an example of a Notion ad here.

1 thought on “Notion Starts Podcast Ad Campaign – Using over”

  1. If they didn’t have the (.com) while building a multi-million brand (.so) they could be I trouble any day. Building on cctlds of unstable nations is silly.

    Notion will definitely move to Notion(.)com eventually, the ad was just the beginning.


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