Snapcommerce rebrands to Super with – “We knew having our domain name match our brand name was paramount”

Snapcommerce, a digital brand that has raised over $100 million in funding, has rebranded to Super, acquiring the domain name en route. The company has now officially launched its rebrand.

The domain may be familiar to regular readers who may have read about a company’s rebrand from to in August 2022.

Snapcommerce, founded in 2016, aims to personalize the mobile shopping experience and deliver the “best promotional prices” for its users. The company initially focused purely on the travel industry, originally naming itself Snaptravel before broadening its reach and rebranding to Snapcommerce.

Now, the company has secured and switched to the succinct brand name, Super.

This week, I spoke with CEO Hussein Fazal to get an insight into why the company rebranded. According to Fazal, the expansion into fintech drove the rebrand, “The driving force was ultimately our expansion into fintech, with the launch of SuperCash. Snaptravel is a powerhouse travel brand, but we needed to bring all of our products under one umbrella and choose a name that could scale with each and every expansion now and to come.”

“Snapcommerce encompassed two hero products: Snaptravel and Snapshop (formerly Daily Steals, a company we acquired). However, as we expand into fintech and grow as a company, we needed a name that could grow with us and Super fit the bill.”

The brand is using Super and as a versatile base to provide consumer savings across multiple industries, but why did the company invest in According to Fazal, “We kind of joked that Target would never be Target if their domain was ‘’ So when you put it in perspective, this domain name is a signal, investment, and marketing strategy that sets us up for success.”

While Fazal couldn’t disclose the price paid for, which previously traded for $1.2 million in 2018, he said, “We knew having our domain name match our brand name was paramount. The cost was an investment in building a strong brand to reach and help people for years to come.”

Fazal also shared that Name Ninja helped the company acquire

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