Swetha Yenugula Reports Sale of Bull.xyz for $199,888

Swetha Yenugula, a prolific .xyz domain investor, has been responsible for dozens of the largest .xyz sales in the past couple of years.

Before today, Yenugula has sold three .xyz domains in the six-figure range this year – SportsBet.xyz, Wrap.xyz, and most recently, Sino.xyz.

Yenugula has now published details of a fourth six-figure sale on Twitter.

According to the tweet, the domain investor has sold Bull.xyz for $199,888, facilitated through the Dan.com marketplace. According to Whois data, the domain has moved under Whois privacy protection to Safenames, a corporate registrar. Whois data also shows that Bull.xyz had a registration date of August 2020, making the domain just over two years old.

As of publishing, the domain doesn’t resolve, but the screenshot provided with the tweet, linked to above, displays the flag of Malta, a Mediterranean island country that is the registered home of dozens of crypto and gaming brands.

According to NameBio, there are now six .xyz sales at $100,000 or more, with Bull.xyz now leading the way as the largest ever publicly-disclosed .xyz sale. Yenugula is responsible for four of them.

This sale comes a couple of days after BrandAim.com announced the $123,984 sale of Gaming.xyz. Details of that sale haven’t been disclosed, and it hasn’t been charted by NameBio yet.

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  1. Interesting sale. Very nice. I hope the buyer or investor considers buying my domain as well with same name and different extension: bull.com.in


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