The Joys of a Premium Domain: Pivoting Industries with

Operating a business on a premium generic domain name has an abundance of benefits, but one benefit may not have been considered by many entrepreneurs, and that’s pivoting industries.

Entrepreneur Alex Arena originally acquired the domain name with ambitions of creating a streaming platform for live workouts. shows that the Interval live-streaming website was live between 2020 and early 2022, with Arena and his team working behind the scenes to create a destination for fitness instructors to host classes.

The live streaming platform was to be coupled with class scheduling, payment, and client management facilities.

However, Arena ultimately chose to pivot to another industry entirely. Fortunately, the domain name is versatile enough to allow the company to continue to use the Interval brand name.

Now, Interval offers a platform to help developers to speed up the development of back end and internal tools by taking care of a number of potentially challenging or time consuming aspects such as UI creation.

The company initially operated on prior to its public launch, but switched to the powerful domain before its release in June 2022.

You couldn’t ask for two more contrasting industries and customer bases than fitness and coding, but the generic nature of the Interval brand name coupled with the domain meant that a savvy entrepreneur and his team could effortlessly pivot from one to the other.

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