This startup founder advises you to buy a premium domain upfront

Ankur Nagpal, the founder and CEO of Teachable, penned a series of tweets offering an insight to what he would do differently the next time he launches a startup.

Among snippets such as spending as little as possible on traditional paid marketing and hiring a good corporate counsel, Nagpal mentions buying a premium domain name.

Nagpal’s company, Teachable, first launched in 2013 as Fedora, rebranded to Teachable in 2015 after raising $3 million in seed funding between 2014 and 2015.

According to a post by Mike Cyger on, Teachable acquired for around $25,000. Was it worth it?

According to this tweet, yes! The rebranding and acquisition of led to the company’s conversion rate dramatically increasing.

In the years following the rebrand, Teachable raised a further $10 million in funding, and in 2020, the company was acquired by Brazilian online education company Hotmart for a reported $250 million.

In Nagpal’s words, “it’s totally worth spending $20-50k to get a badass domain that makes everyone take you seriously.” How would the company have progressed under

As I wrote on DomainNameWire this week, Nagpal has followed his own advice with the launch of his new startup, Ocho, running on

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